Top Toys To Make Traveling With Children Easy!

Taking children on holiday, especially if traveling on a long haul flight, or long drive can be a testing experience for even the most patient parent and seasoned traveler. Here are some great toys to help keep them entertained while you are traveling.

  • Stickers

Simple, small, and cost effective entertainment. Sticker packs combined with a scrapbook are an ideal way to spur a child’s imagination, and keep them amused through play. Get creative and inventive with them too, maybe encouraging kids to decorate a finished water bottle as well as create make pictures in a book. Another idea is to create a scrapbook filled of your travels with stickers, and pictures.

  • Travel Games

Travel games are great because they are small, light and easy on the pocket. Classics such as Guess Who?, Connect 4, Sorry!, just to name a few.

  • Card Games

The original travel game? Maybe! Our favorites include classics such as the Snap, Old Maid, and Donkey card game compendium  as well as newer cards games like Uno, and of course Top Trumps!

  • Coloring Pens

Pens, pencils and a note book. Essential items for endless ways of having fun. Draw a picture, play noughts and crosses, create a guess the picture game, play hangman. It may be a cliché, but the only limit is your imagination. Why not get extra crafty and break out a few origami moves with some pages.

  • iPad or Tablet

Ok, not a cheapie here, but chances are you have a tablet, iPod or smart phone to which you can download videos, games and apps. Don’t forget  – Offer your child headphones, or turn the sound off. If there is anything worse than the noise a toddler having a tantrum makes, it is the repetitive sounds of an electronic game!

  • LeapFrog LeapPad

If you are reluctant to give a tantrumming toddler your very expensive mobile device, then a dedicated kiddie gadget is the perfect solution. LeapFrog are well established as a brand that produces gadgets that meet the rough and tumble of feisty children, and the games are specifically designed to entertain and educate – not just deliver a five minute distraction.

  • Good old-fashioned books

While iPads, iPods and mobile devices may woo the young traveller, you can’t beat a good old-fashioned children’s book. Obviously, pack a favourite, but also take along a couple of new treats. You’ll get more time to relax if the little ones are engrossed in something new!

  • I Spy With My Little Eye… Games that need no supplies!

It’s free, it’s fun and it can take a while. As well as I Spy, you can chuck in the Shopping List Game (I went to the shop and bought a….), ABC Game – take it in turns to name something from a theme (food, dogs, names) to match the letter of the alphabet (Apple, Banana, Carrot…), Would You Rather…? Ask questions that will elicit a laugh such as “Would you rather cuddle a slug or a snail?”. Games that need no supplies are obviously cheap, and take up no room when it comes to packing.

Do you have any suggestions you have used when traveling with your kids?